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12V 6.8Ah Rechargeable Battery (DC-12680)

12V 6.8Ah Rechargeable Battery (DC-12680)
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12V 6.8Ah Rechargeable Battery (DC-12680)  
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EAN: 100012556634
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DC-12680 Rechargeable Li-Ion 12V 6.8Ah Battery Pack

You can use this Lithium - Ion battery pack to power and/or emergency charge a great variety of 12V DC electronic devices.

Input voltage: 12.6V DC
Output voltage: 12.6V~10.8V DC
Battery capacity: 6800mAh
Battery Pack Dimensions: 100 x 48 x 17 mm
Battery Pack Weight: 222g

Integrated ON / OFF : No

Packaging: OEM-"White Box"

Li-Ion 6800mAh 12V Battery Pack DC-12680
European Plug 240V AC Travel Charger

NOTE: Important charging should be made at an adequate room temperature between 10º C and 35º. Charge this battery only with the included charger.