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Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper 255 G/m2 30u (13 x 18 cm)

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Reference: C13S042154
EAN: 8715946384320

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Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper 255 G/m2 30u (13 x 18 cm)
Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper 255 G/m2 30u (13 x 18 cm)
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Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper is instant drying paper with a high gloss surface on a resin base (RC) for the most vivid colors and detailed reproductions of images.
A favorite of photographers and graphic designers for their lack of waves, is perfect for photos, advertising, posters, portfolio images, quizzes and posters.
Produces high quality prints with maximum color distribution with bright colored inks that dry quickly.
This paper is easy to cover and, therefore, more protection from light and moisture. This is really the best premium quality photo paper, ideal for special events and memories.
Technical specifications
- Media Type: Glossy photo paper
- Media Size: 130 x 180 mm
- Printing Technology: Ink-jet
- Included Qty: 30 sheet (s)
- Media Weight: 255 g/m2
Compatibility Information
- Designed for:
     Epson MUFC Printer 
     Epson B 300,500DN 
     Epson Expression Home XP-102,XP-202,XP-205,XP-402,XP-405 
     Epson Stylus C110,C48,C67,C79,C87,C87 Plus,C91,CX3200,CX3700,CX3900,CX4100,CX4300,CX4700,CX4900,CX5900,CX6900F,CX7300,CX8300,CX9300F,D120,D120 Network Edition,D120 Professional Edition,D78,D88,D88 Photo Edition,D88 Plus,D92,DX3800,DX3800plus,DX3850,DX3850plus,DX4000,DX4050,DX4200,DX4250,DX4400,DX4450,DX4800,DX4850,DX4850plus,DX5000,DX5050,DX6000,DX6050,DX7000F,DX7400,DX7450,DX8400,DX8450,DX9400 WiFi Edition,DX9400F,Pro 3880 Mirage Edition,S20,S21,SX100,SX105,SX115,SX200,SX215,SX400,SX400 WiFi Edition,SX405,SX405 WiFi Edition,SX415,SX510W,SX515W,SX535WD,SX600FW,SX610FW,T26,T27,T59,TX106,TX109,TX117,TX119,TX200,TX209,TX210,TX219,TX400,TX409,TX410,TX419,TX550W 
     Epson Stylus Color 1160,1520,1520PS,3000,3000PS,400,440,460,480,480SX,480SXU,500,580,600,600Q,640,660,670,680,680 Transparent,740,740 Special Edition,740 Transparent Blue,740i,750,760,760 Transparent Blue,880,880 Transparent,880i,900,900G,900N,900PS,980,980N 
     Epson Stylus Office B1100,B40W,BX300F,BX310FN,BX600FW,BX610FW,BX635FWD,T1100,T30,T40W,TX300F,TX510FN,TX600FW 
     Epson Stylus Photo 1270,1290,1290 PS,1290 Silver,1290S,1400,1410,1500W,2000P,700,710,720,750,750 for WebTV,750 Millennium Edition,790,810,830,830U,870,870 Ink Jet Printer,870SE,875DC,875DCS,890,895,900,915,925,935,950,EX,EX2,EX3,P50,PX650,PX700W,PX710W,PX800FW,PX810FW,PX830FWD,R1800,R1900,R200,R220,R240,R2400,R245,R265,R270,R285,R2880,R290,R295,R300,R300 ME,R300M,R320,R340,R360,R390,R800,RX420,RX425,RX500,RX520,RX560,RX585,RX590,RX600,RX610,RX620,RX640,RX685,RX690,RX700,T50,TX650,TX700W,TX710W,TX800FW
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