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HP21BK (Black) Compatible Ink Cartridge

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EAN: 100012555928

  • Tintas compatibles de HP C9351AE / HP NO. 21 Black (5.0ml)
  • Color negro
  • Modelos Hewlett Packard InkJet*
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HP21BK (Black) Compatible Ink Cartridge
HP21BK (Black) Compatible Ink Cartridge
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Replace Hewlett Packard Original Reference No:
HP C9351AE / HP NO. 21 Black (5.0ml)

Colour: Black

For use in Hewlett Packard inkjet models:
HP DeskJet 2128, HP DeskJet 2149, HP DeskJet 3747, HP DeskJet 3900, HP Deskjet 3910, HP Deskjet 3915, HP DeskJet 3918, HP DeskJet 3920, HP DeskJet 3930, HP DeskJet 3930V, HP DeskJet 3938, HP DeskJet 3940, HP DeskJet 3940V

HP DeskJet D1311, HP DeskJet D1320, HP DeskJet D1330, HP DeskJet D1341, HP DeskJet D1360, HP DeskJet D1368, HP DeskJet D1400, HP DeskJet D1415, HP DeskJet D1420, HP DeskJet D1420, HP DeskJet D1430, HP DeskJet D1445, HP DeskJet D1455, HP DeskJet D1460, HP DeskJet D1468, HP DeskJet D1470, HP DeskJet D1520, HP DeskJet D1530, HP DeskJet D1560, HP DeskJet D2300, HP DeskJet D2320, HP DeskJet D2330, HP DeskJet D2345, HP DeskJet D2360, HP DeskJet D2368, HP DeskJet D2400, HP DeskJet D2430, HP DeskJet D2445, HP DeskJet D2460, HP DeskJet D2468.

HP DeskJet F2100, HP DeskJet F2110, HP DeskJet F2120, HP DeskJet F2128, HP DeskJet F2140, HP DeskJet F2149, HP DeskJet F2179, HP DeskJet F2180, HP DeskJet F2185, HP DeskJet F2187, HP DeskJet F2188, HP DeskJet F2200, HP DeskJet F2275, HP DeskJet F2276, HP DeskJet F2280, HP DeskJet F2290, HP DeskJet F300, HP DeskJet F310, HP DeskJet F325, HP DeskJet F335, HP DeskJet F340, HP DeskJet F350, HP DeskJet F370, HP DeskJet F375, HP DeskJet F378, HP DeskJet F380, HP DeskJet F385, HP DeskJet F388, HP DeskJet F390, HP DeskJet F394, HP DeskJet F4100, HP DeskJet F4135, HP DeskJet F4140, HP DeskJet F4150, HP DeskJet F4172, HP DeskJet F4175, HP DeskJet F4180, HP DeskJet F4185, HP DeskJet F4188, HP DeskJet F4190, HP DeskJet F4194

HP OfficeJet 4300, HP OfficeJet 4311, HP OfficeJet 4312, HP OfficeJet 4314, HP OfficeJet 4315, HP OfficeJet 4317, HP OfficeJet 4319, HP OfficeJet 4352, HP OfficeJet 4353, HP OfficeJet 4355, HP OfficeJet 4357, HP OfficeJet 4359, HP OfficeJet 5607, HP OfficeJet J3508, HP OfficeJet J3640, HP OfficeJet J3650, HP OfficeJet J3680, HP OfficeJet J5520, HP Fax 3180

HP PSC 1400, HP PSC 1401, HP PSC 1402, HP PSC 1403, HP PSC 1406, HP PSC 1408, HP PSC 1410, HP PSC 1410V, HP PSC 1410XI, HP PSC 1415, HP PSC 1417

Do not store the cartridge in high or freezing temperatures.
Keep the cartridge out of direct sunshine.
Only open the plastic package to install the ink on your printer, doing so before the date exposed on the outside package.
For best results use it within six months of installation.

Brand names and trade marks are the property of their respective holders and are for descriptive purposes only.
Proper use of this product will not affect your print quality and will by no means result in printer damage.
This product must be kept out of reach of children. This product is not for human consumption. It should never be drank.
Due to variations in manufacturing and supply we cannot state an exact capacity for compatible and reconditioned Ink & Tonner cartridges; this in all cases will be equal or superior to its original counterparts.
The brand of compatible ink and tonners cartridges could be replaced at any time without previous notification with a product of similar characteristics and quality, in no case this would result in a performance loss over the original offering.

Recomendaciones de uso para tintas y tóneres compatibles
by Jonathan the 06/04/18
Funcionan perfectamente

lo mejorBuena calidad a buen precio
lo peorlo de siempre, los gastos de envio lo encarecen....
Jonathan recommend this product
by Gerardo Rafael the 19/01/17
Perfecto! ninguna diferencia con la oficial de hp.

lo mejoren verdad es XL dura bastante el cartucho.
lo peornada.
Gerardo Rafael recommend this product
by Angeles the 06/01/17
Fantásticos, sin problemas

lo mejorsuper precio
lo peor
Angeles recommend this product
by javier the 20/12/16
Excelente calidad/precio

lo mejorbuen precio
lo peornada
javier recommend this product
by Manuel the 07/07/16
Genial, no noto para nada la diferencia con el resto de tintas, y con mejor precio

lo mejorMejor precio
lo peor
Manuel recommend this product
by AMANDA the 02/03/16
Son super baratos. Pensaba que no serian buenos para mi impresora HP al ser compatible pero me equivoque incluso creo que son mejores estos que los de la marca. Yo ya no compro otros.

lo mejorbarato y bueno
lo peor
AMANDA recommend this product