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HP57C (Colour) Compatible Ink Cartridge

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HP57C (Colour) Compatible Ink Cartridge
HP57C (Colour) Compatible Ink Cartridge
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Replace Hewlett Packard Original Reference No:
HP C6657AE / HP NO. 57 COLOUR (17ML)

Colour: Colour (C, M, Y)
Content: 18.0ml

For use in Hewlett Packard inkjet models:
HP DeskJet 410C, HP DeskJet 450CBI, HP DeskJet 450CI, HP DeskJet 450WBT, HP DeskJet 5145, HP DeskJet 5150, HP DeskJet 5151, HP DeskJet 5550, HP DeskJet 5551, HP DeskJet 5552, HP DeskJet 5650, HP DeskJet 5652, HP DeskJet 5655, HP DeskJet 5850, HP DeskJet 7762, HP DeskJet 9600, HP DeskJet 9650, HP DeskJet 9670, HP DeskJet 9680, HP DeskJet 9680GP

HP OfficeJet 4105, HP OfficeJet 4110, HP OfficeJet 4110V, HP OfficeJet 4110XI, HP OfficeJet 4212, HP OfficeJet 4215, HP OfficeJet 4219, HP OfficeJet 4255, HP OfficeJet 5505, HP OfficeJet 5508, HP Officejet 5510, HP OfficeJet 5510v, HP OfficeJet 5510XI, HP OfficeJet 5515

HP PhotoSmart 100, HP PhotoSmart 130, HP PhotoSmart 140, HP PhotoSmart 145, HP PhotoSmart 230, HP PhotoSmart 240, HP PhotoSmart 245, HP PhotoSmart 7150, HP PhotoSmart 7155, HP PhotoSmart 7200, HP PhotoSmart 7260, HP PhotoSmart 7345, HP PhotoSmart 7350, HP PhotoSmart 7450, HP PhotoSmart 7459, HP PhotoSmart 7550, HP PhotoSmart 7600, HP PhotoSmart 7655, HP PhotoSmart 7660, HP PhotoSmart 7700, HP PhotoSmart 7755, HP PhotoSmart 7760, HP PhotoSmart 7762, HP PhotoSmart 7900, HP PhotoSmart 7960, HP PhotoSmart 7960GP, HP Digital Copier 410

HP PSC 1110, HP PSC 1200, HP PSC 1205, HP PSC 1210, HP PSC 1213, HP PSC 1215, HP PSC 1217, HP PSC 1219, HP PSC 1300, HP PSC 1310, HP PSC 1311, HP PSC 1312, HP PSC 1315, HP PSC 1315S, HP PSC 1317, HP PSC 1318, HP PSC 1340, HP PSC 1345, HP PSC 1350, HP PSC 1350V, HP PSC 1350XI, HP PSC 1355, HP PSC 1358, HP PSC 2100, HP PSC 2105, HP PSC 2108, HP PSC 2110, HP PSC 2110V, HP PSC 2110XI, HP PSC 2115, HP PSC 2171, HP PSC 2175, HP PSC 2175V, HP PSC 2175XI, HP PSC 2179, HP PSC 2210, HP PSC 2310, HP PSC 2405, HP PSC 2410, HP PSC 2410V, HP PSC 2410XI, HP PSC 2420, HP PSC 2500, HP PSC 2510, HP PSC 2510XI

Recomendaciones de uso para tintas y tóneres compatibles
by sergio the 29/01/17
Compatible pero si quieres los mejores resultados compra cartuchos originales

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lo peor ---
sergio recommend this product
by Jose Manuel the 16/12/16
Perfecto compatible

lo mejorSin un problema de compatibilidad
lo peor
Jose Manuel recommend this product