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Lexmark No.16 (Black) Compatible Ink Cartridge

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Lexmark No.16 (Black) Compatible Ink Cartridge
Lexmark No.16 (Black) Compatible Ink Cartridge
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For use in Lexmark / Compaq inkjet models:


Compaq IJ650

Lexmark X2230

Lexmark Z35T

Hitachi Priusjet

Lexmark X2240

Lexmark Z513

Lexmark i3

Lexmark X2250

Lexmark Z515

Lexmark i13

Lexmark X34

Lexmark Z517

Lexmark X1100

Lexmark X74

Lexmark Z600

Lexmark X1110

Lexmark X75

Lexmark Z601

Lexmark X1130

Lexmark Z13

Lexmark Z602

Lexmark X1140

Lexmark Z23

Lexmark Z603

Lexmark X1150

Lexmark Z23E

Lexmark Z604

Lexmark X1155

Lexmark Z24

Lexmark Z605

Lexmark X1160

Lexmark Z25

Lexmark Z612

Lexmark X1170

Lexmark Z25L

Lexmark Z613

Lexmark X1180

Lexmark Z25LE

Lexmark Z614

Lexmark X1185

Lexmark Z33

Lexmark Z615

Lexmark X1190

Lexmark Z34

Lexmark Z617

Lexmark X1250

Lexmark Z35

Lexmark Z640

Lexmark X1270

Lexmark Z35LE

Lexmark Z645


Replace Lexmark Original Reference No: 10N0016


Colour: Black

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