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CLI-8Y Compatible Ink Cartridge (Yellow)

CLI-8Y Compatible Ink Cartridge (Yellow)
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Compatible Ink Cartridge with Chip

Replace Canon Original Reference No:
CLI-8Y / Canon CLI-8Y Yellow (14ml) / 0623B001

Colour: Yellow

For use in Canon inkjet models:
Canon Pixma iP3300; Canon Pixma iP3500; Canon Pixma iP4200; Canon Pixma iP4300; Canon Pixma iP4500; Canon Pixma iP5200; Canon Pixma iP5200R; Canon Pixma iP5300; Canon Pixma iP6600D; Canon Pixma iP6700D; Canon Pixma iX4000; Canon Pixma iX5000.

Canon Pixma MP500; Canon Pixma MP510; Canon Pixma MP520; Canon Pixma MP530; Canon Pixma MP600; Canon Pixma MP600R; Canon Pixma MP610; Canon Pixma MP800; Canon Pixma MP800R; Canon Pixma MP810; Canon Pixma MP830; Canon Pixma MP950; Canon Pixma MP970; Canon Pixma MX700; Canon Pixma MX850; Canon Pixma Pro 9000.

Do not store the cartridge in high or freezing temperatures.
Keep the cartridge out of direct sunshine.
Only open the plastic package to install the ink on your printer, doing so before the date exposed on the outside package.
For best results use it within six months of installation.

Brand names and trade marks are the property of their respective holders and are for descriptive purposes only.
Proper use of this product will not affect your print quality and will by no means result in printer damage.
This product must be kept out of reach of children. This product is not for human consumption. It should never be drank.
Due to variations in manufacturing and supply we cannot state an exact capacity for compatible and reconditioned Ink & Tonner cartridges; this in all cases will be equal or superior to its original counterparts.
The brand of compatible ink and tonners cartridges could be replaced at any time without previous notification with a product of similar characteristics and quality, in no case this would result in a performance loss over the original offering.