Frequently Answered Questions (F.A.Q.)

1. Is this web only for wholesalers and distributors?

No, the web is orientated towards the general public. Wholesalers have different prices and tariffs.


2. Do the prices shown on the web include Vat?

Yes, all prices shown on this site are Vat included.


3. Is it possible to buy from your warehouse?

No, we only sell on-line. Our warehouses are not prepared to deal with customers; they only prepare the orders processed through our WEB. Every single order we process will be related to a tracking number and will be shipped by its respective courier company.


4. Must I register myself before my first purchase, how I proceed?

Yes, you must register in our website. Doing it is very simply, you only need to insert the required information in our secure form, you can access to it in the “Create Account” link or directly in the check out after you have stating you are a new customer, aside from the first main address provided, used by default for delivery and invoicing, you will be able to add a new one and keep it for later use in your address book.


5. What happen if I forget my Password ?

Before anything we must notice that for greater security our website passwords are case sensitive, you must type it exactly like the first time. If you don’t remember your password you can always use our password generation form, in 15 minutes or less, you will receive a new secure password to the e-mail address used to generate your user account originally, remember to check your e-mail spam folder. If yet passed that time you don’t receive a new password, please sent us a request using the e-mail associated to your user account to


6. How can I Change my Password?

To change your password, you must first enter in your account and access General Account Info page, Change my account password, this way you will change the random password sent by our server, when you use the password generator form, with a new familiar and secure one (see point 5)


7. Which countries qualify for shipment?

Our principal market are the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal Italy and Belgium, we expect to continue expanding our activities to include more European Union countries, if you don’t see your country on the registration form please sent us an e-mail to and will check for shipping availability.


8. Its possible to select as shipping destination Anglo Normand Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Azores, Madeira or Canarias?

From September 2008 we decided to stop all shipping to those zones, due to substantially different taxations laws, it’s impossible to ship our products to these zones maintaining the quality of service we think our clients deserve and expect from us.


9. If I would like my order to ship today, what would be the cut-off time?

We always process the orders to be prepared in our warehouse until 13:30, from Monday to Friday every working day, any order placed after that time will be prepared next day.


10. When I try to checkout I get an Insufficient Stock Message, don’t you have that product in stock?

We work with real stock; our server will only allow you to add to your shopping cart and confirm your order if all the products added to it have enough existence in our warehouse, you will need to adjust the desired quantities to a lower value until you are allowed and the red message alongside the product name disappear. If we are stocking a product, it will not be available for sale; the store will not let you continue with your order even if only a single unit is present on it.


11. Its possible to pay on Delivery?

Cash on Delivery payment service is only available if your delivery address is in Spain, Portugal (Both Peninsular) or Baleares Islands; this means that you place your order and it must be paid upon delivery. This service has an small flat rate charge of 1,18€ (This method is only eligible to verified physical address, PO Box addresses will be discarded)


12. Usually there is no one at my home address to receive my orders; could it be delivered to my workplace?

Off course, you can change your main delivery address to a different one before completing your order registration. It’s important to facilitate us an address with enough availability and a phone number of the person authorised to receive it.


13. What are the shipping charges?

We have a flat shipping charge for our final costumers to all available destinations of *8,99€. When you are ready to place your order and proceed to the check out you will get a final confirmation.  (Due to particularities of some regions we are able to make special offers in shipping charges, please check for any available discount specific to your zone) *VAT included.


14. Why Shipping charges are so expensive?

With our flat rate charge, no matter how much weight or volume, any product and quantities, we ship to our final clients using a major door to door express courier company, your order will be delivered between 24 and 72* hours at the address you choose, every shipment has its own unique tracking number, so you can track it at every step of the delivery process, and with a 100% of its value insured, you can be sure that in the unlikely event a shipping damage or loss occur you will get a replacement* in record time. Still think our service is to expensive?

*Estimated delivery time, for an incident free shipping, from Monday to Friday working hours/days only / if shipping damage or loss occur, you must contact us at before 24 hours has past from delivery, facilitating the incident number the courier company provided you.


15. For which status does my order pass? How do they get communicated to me?

Our server will sent from an automatic e-mail message for each of the three status your order will pass.

Pending: An order has been placed by the client; we inform you with this e-mail the contents required by you, the type payment chose and it’s total amount.

In dispatch: The working on your order has begun; within 24 hours (one working day) your order should pass to shipping status.

Shipped: Your order is already packed, a tracking number assigned to it and has been loaded on the courier company truck; we inform you the tracking number and contact details of the Courier Company that will manage the delivery. Your order has to be delivered, in the shipping address you provided when your order was placed, between Monday and Friday, from 8:30-14:00 to 15:30-19:30; time elapsed since Shipped status is informed should not exceed 72 hours (3 working days)

All dates and times listed above, with regard to processing, shipping and deliveries, for your reference are estimates to be taken into account as such, they may change according to warehouse/logistic workload, incidents in logistics or on transport or due to causes of force majeure.


16. I made a mistake and I need to cancel the shipment of my order. How do I proceed?

At the time your request is received, your order must be in Pending status. The request must be made in writing to with the subject: Cancel my order No.XXX.XXX (this being the order number). 


17. Why my order is maintained in the status "In dispatch"?

If your order remains in this status for more than a working day, could be due to a number of things, this is the status in which all the customer an order information are checked, contact telephone availability, correctness of the address provided for shipping.

If thought necessary and clarification regarding the customer order is requested by e-mail, being impossible to obtain an answer in 48 hours, the order will get cancelled.


18. I was informed the order has been shipped, when will I receive it?

Once you receive communication your order has been shipped, it must be delivered in the following 72 hours*

Past this time, if not received, please request a “claim reference number” to the courier company and let us know in writing to us at

* Only take in account business days (Monday-Friday) (no weekends or holidays).


19. Do they warn when they are going to deliver it, what happens if they try to deliver and I am not present in this address?

If you want the delivery to be taken at certain time range, you should notify us opportunely in the "Comments" box when placing your order; in case a hourly range is not included, shipping company will presuppose a high availability. If the time range provided is inadequate or insufficient, we will contact you to arrange an alternative. As an option you also can ask in the comments box the delivery company coordinates with you the approximate time of delivery, in that case it’s of utmost importance to provide a phone number with appropriate availability.

(The time range for the deliveries must always be between 8:30 / 14:00 and 15:30 / 19:30, those times are subject to geographic and route planning availability * Usually called from hidden/unknown number, you have to bear this in mind).


20. I have received the package, inside there is only a delivery note, where is my invoice?

To be able to see or print your invoice, within approximately ten days after receiving your order, you simply you have to enter into your account with your address and password, In the menu of your account history you can see all your realized orders and print invoices or revise them in a comfortable and simply way.


21. My order has arrived and the packing boxes are really damaged, what can I do?

Before accepting the reception of our orders, you must observe the quantities and condition of the boxes and if the goods could be crushed or damaged, you must notify it to the deliverer and leave a comment on the delivery note. Then, you must call to the phone number present on the reverse of the delivery note within 24 hours and request a “claim reference number”. It will be necessary to handle the shipping insurance claim.

You must notify us then writing to: with Subject: Claim Order XXX.XXX. Claim Reference: XXXXXXXX. Please include in that mail the claim number provided by the courier company, a list of affected products and a photo of those products. We will send you an e-mail with details about your replacement and its respective tracking number.


22. Although I did not observe any apparent damage in the boxes, or I was not present when they were received, when unpacking it, I notice one or more products were struck or broke. What do I do, How do I go about the claim?

You must proceed to call the courier company that made the delivery and ask for a claim. This must be done before 24 hours after receipt of shipment. They will provide you a “Claim Reference Number” necessary for future reference. You must send a photo of the products that were affected by e-mail to the address, with subject: Claim Order XXX.XXX Claim Reference: XXXXXXX. Please also include in that mail the issue number provided by the courier company and a list of affected products. We'll let you know about your replacement and its tracking number directly to your e-mail as usual.