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USB Spooky Skull

USB Spooky Skull
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The supernatural desktop defence system.

Place a curse on your desk that’ll unleash a screaming skull if anyone comes near!

Cute soft toys or houseplants are all very well, but they’re not for everyone. Some people have a darker side and want to express this with their choice of desktop ornaments and they’ll love this sinister glowing skull.

And if you like scaring people and making them jump, you’ll love the way that it can freak people out by detecting when they come close and unleashing a terrifying scream!

This sinister skull connects to a USB port and sits on your desk glowing eerily and its motion sensor keeps watch for anyone walking up to it. So, if you want to mark out your desk space as somewhere that anyone should go near at their own peril, this ghostly guardian is the ideal way to warn them away!

No software installation is needed and a one metre USB cable is included. USB power also means that no batteries are required.

 No software installation required
- One metre USB cable is included.
- USB power means that no batteries are required.