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HP343C (Colour) Compatible Ink Cartridge

HP343C (Colour) Compatible Ink Cartridge
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HP343C (Colour) Compatible Ink Cartridge


For use in Hewlett Packard inkjet models:





HP DeskJet 460C

HP OfficeJet 7410

HP PhotoSmart 8750

HP DeskJet 460CB

HP OfficeJet H470EN

HP PhotoSmart 8750GP

HP DeskJet 460WBT

HP OfficeJet H470WBT

HP PhotoSmart C3100

HP DeskJet 5740

HP OfficeJet K7100

HP PhotoSmart C3170

HP DeskJet 5745

HP PhotoSmart 2570

HP PhotoSmart C3180

HP DeskJet 5940

HP PhotoSmart 2575

HP PhotoSmart C4180

HP DeskJet 6520

HP PhotoSmart 2600

HP PhotoSmart C4183

HP DeskJet 6540

HP PhotoSmart 2610

HP PhotoSmart C4190

HP DeskJet 6540D

HP PhotoSmart 2613

HP PhotoSmart D5063

HP DeskJet 6620

HP PhotoSmart 2710

HP PhotoSmart D5160

HP DeskJet 6840

HP PhotoSmart 325

HP PhotoSmart Pro B8350

HP DeskJet 6843

HP PhotoSmart 335

HP PhotoSmart Pro B8353

HP DeskJet 6848

HP PhotoSmart 375

HP PSC 1500

HP DeskJet 9800

HP PhotoSmart 385

HP PSC 1510

HP DeskJet 9800D

HP PhotoSmart 420

HP PSC 1510S

HP OfficeJet 6200

HP PhotoSmart 422

HP PSC 1600

HP OfficeJet 6205

HP PhotoSmart 425

HP PSC 1610

HP OfficeJet 6210

HP PhotoSmart 428

HP PSC 2350

HP OfficeJet 6215

HP PhotoSmart 475

HP PSC 2353

HP OfficeJet 6310

HP PhotoSmart 7850

HP PSC 2355

HP OfficeJet 6313

HP PhotoSmart 8050

HP PSC 2355

HP OfficeJet 6315

HP PhotoSmart 8150

HP PSC 2355P

HP OfficeJet 7210

HP PhotoSmart 8450

HP PSC 2610

HP OfficeJet 7310

HP PhotoSmart 8450GP

HP PSC 2700




Replace Hewlett Packard Original Reference No:



HP C8766EE / HP NO. 343 COLOUR


Colour: Colour (C, M, Y)



Do not store the cartridge in high or freezing temperatures.

Keep the cartridge out of direct sunshine.

Only open the plastic package to install the ink on your printer, doing so before the date exposed on the outside package.

For best results use it within six months of installation.



Brand names and trade marks are the property of their respective holders and are for descriptive purposes only.

Proper use of this product will not affect your print quality and will by no means result in printer damage.

This product must be kept out of reach of children. This product is not for human consumption. It should never be drank.

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