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LG LED Downlight 8W 4000k

by LG
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LG LED Downlight 8W 4000k
LG LED Downlight 8W 4000k
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LED lights are the lights of the future, as they not only
most economical and durable, but also in light-
impressive when compared to conventional incandescent bulbs do not com-
compromises have to be addressed. Color temperature and color
impressive satisfy the usual light sources. Since LED
Lamps contain no toxic substances such as mercury
, they are also considered environmentally friendly.
LG has the complete production chain for the production
LEDs: from the wafer production to fer-
term LED retrofit lamps. In addition, LG offers
also solutions for lighting control, and for the light-mana-
ment to. This LG is one of the largest providers of
Lighting innovations worldwide.
- Type: Down Light
- Size: 4 "
- Wattage: 8W
- Color temperature: 4,000 K (neutral white)
- Luminous flux: 470lm
- Viewing angle: 100 °
- Color reproduction: 80
- Lifetime: 40,000 hours
- Dimmable: yes
- Voltage: 100-240V (50-60Hz)
- Certification: CE
- Packaging: Retail
- Warranty: 2 years
The advantages of modern LED lighting at a glance
Significant energy savings
An LED bulb with only 8 watts of power, a forth-
conventional 40-watt light bulb to replace. Less with up to 80%
less energy is thus the same light output achieved.
Up to 80% cost savings
Due to the lower power operating costs can be significantly
be reduced. In addition, an LED lamp pays for itself
After a few years.
Triple environmental protection
LED bulbs use less energy in production, supply
need less power during operation and do not contain toxic substances
such as mercury. This protects the environment in triplicate.
Extremely long service life
With a lifespan of up to 40,000 hours (L70) and to
to 50,000 cycles, LED lamps to law as general
referred rationslampe.
Perfect light impression
Modern LED lamps are what the color temperature and color
As impressive par with conventional bulbs - give
However, no UV or thermal radiation.
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